Floor Cleaning

Traffic areas in the kitchen or entryways can take away from the beauty of your home. The grout is porous. Which causes odors and no matter what you do the smell returns. Grout absorbs liquids, dirt and debris that causes staining. To keep your home free of smells and dirty tile it should be clean once a year; twice a year if pets or children are living in the home. We offer sealant to protect the grout and tile. Sealer protects unglazed tiles and grout from absorbing stains, mildew and bacteria that lead to smells. Tinting is another specialty we offer with 40 different colors to choose from.

Can’t get rid of soap scum, mildew, or stained grout in your bathrooms? Let us restore your shower. Dirty tile and grout harbor bacteria along with smells. New tile and grout should be sealed to protect from stains. Depending on the amount of use, this should be done once or twice a year. Diane’s Cleaning Service delivers tile floor cleaning in The Villages, FL.

Hardwood floors should be cleaned professionally 4-6 times per year. To prevent buildup. Professional cleaning will restore natural beauty, while adding shine. Hardwood floors can make any home look great. It’s why so many people have opted to install hardwood in their homes. However, the trouble with hardwood floors is that you need to clean them often in order to keep them looking their best. You can try to do this on your own, but for best results, you should call Diane’s Cleaning Service and let us do your hardwood floor cleaning in The Villages, FL. We can complete hardwood floor polishing today for you.

Carpet cleaning prolongs the life and beauty of carpet. Dirty carpet causes unusual smells. Removing spots and stains prevents a buildup of dirt, and to aid in keeping dust mites and bed bugs away. Pets are an important part of households, pet dander along with accidents contributes to smells, along with stains. Depending on how much traffic the carpet gets it should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year, or more often depending on the amount of traffic. This improves air quality along with longer carpet life.It can be very difficult to get a carpet as clean as possible. The average vacuum simply isn’t equipped to get deep down into carpeting to clean it. This is why you need to let Diane’s Cleaning Service show you how to take care of your carpet cleaning in The Villages, FL.

Water extraction helps protect your home from extensive damage to walls, furniture, along with drywall. Mildew and mold can be costly and have effects on health issues.
If you’re buying a new home sealing your tile and floors along with your showers can keep them looking new. If purchasing a used home with laminate that has lost its beauty, a good cleaning will transform your home. We can help restore dull and dirty floors. Give us a call and leave your floor cleaning to us. Free estimates. (352) 572-9738